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Innovating products with passion

Microqubic AG was founded in 2022 in Zug (CH) by Yuksel Temiz to develop affordable and innovative lab instruments for scientific research, education, and precision manufacturing. 

Microelectronics and microscopy have always been a passion for Yuksel. After obtaining his PhD from EPFL (CH), he spent nine years at IBM-Research (Zurich), developing advanced microfluidic systems. He is the co-inventor of 25 patents related to diagnostic devices and compact electronic systems. 


His 18 years of  hands-on experience in cleanrooms and biolabs and his extensive research network made him realize that conventional technologies used in the labs cannot address some of the issues students and researchers face nowadays, at least not within a limited budget and time. 


Microqubic is now devoted to providing intelligent, modular, and simple-to-use instruments for precise imaging and manipulation of microscopic and macroscopic objects. 

µ (micro): a core component of our technology and applications

For us, a cube represents precision, 3D, and modularity

All products are proudly developed and manufactured in Switzerland


Core Values


Microqubic looks at technical challenges from a creative perspective and always seeks better and more innovative solutions.


Lab instruments are traditionally expensive and tailored for specific industries. Microqubic wants to change this by providing affordable and versatile tools for everyone.   


Microqubic designs every aspect of the product to make the workflow easy for the user regardless of age or technical background. 

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