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See the dark side of your sample

The most versatile 2D/3D imaging systems for research, education, and precision manufacturing.

2D / 3D Microscopy

Macro photography

Contact-angle measurements

Optical inspection

Microscope with remarkable features

Imaging from any angle,

2D, 3D, and cross-section

Fully-motorized zoom/focus and sample manipulation

Multiple illumination sources for 3D imaging, reflected-light, and transmitted-light microscopy

Optical inspection, from large objects to samples with micron-sized features 

Wireless control from computer or smartphone

Wide-range of applications thanks to modular and reconfigurable design


One device, many applications


Modular solutions configured for your needs

Microqubic's opto-electro-mechanical modules enable you to configure your own lab instruments with minimal effort and cost.

* PCT patent pending

Meticulously designed for simplicity

Build and customize your instrument in minutes and control everything with a touch of a button.


3D Imager Pro

The most versatile microscope ever

7 motors with position feedback

3 novel light sources

Modular and



USB-C power

Wireless connection

Lead time for orders: 2-4 weeks

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